Gardening Supply Stores

On March 1st my mom, Sheri Smith, is going to be teaching the SHEM Basics and Beyond class.  The subject is:

Growing your child's education while gardening.

Cultivate the imagination and education of your child while growing your own garden.  Easy how-to tips from homeschool mother and gardener, Sheri Smith, will encourage and inform you on how to plan, construct, plant, and harvest a low maintenence and inexpensive garden in your own back yard.

The Library Center, Springfield, MO
6:30-8:30 p.m
Meet half and hour before and half an hour after for fellowship time.

Here are some gardening supply stores in the Springfield/Ozark Missouri areas where you can purchase supplies, seeds, and hardware for your garden!

Ace Hardware - 2350 South Campbell Avenue, Springfield, MO   (417)-887-8601
Race Brothers Farm and Home Supply - 2310 West Kearney Street, Springfield, MO  (417) 862-4378
Ace Hardware - 508 East Commercial Street, Springfield, MO (417) 862-6775
Vinton Supply Company - 1706 West Grand Street, Springfield, MO   (417) 869-1836
Botanical Tree Trail and Nursery - 4925 West Farm Road 128, Springfield, MO   (417) 866-8558
Nixa Hardware and Seed Company - (417) 725-3512  ·
Larson Farm and Lawn Inc - Old US Highway 65, Nixa, MO   (417) 724-2226
Ace Hardware - 1791 James River Rd, Ozark, MO   (417) 582-2700
Wheeler Garden and Florist - 601 North 4th Street, Ozark, MO   (417) 581-6794 
MFA – 1616 St. Hwy. 14 E., Ozark, MO   (417)-581-3523

Happy Gardening!

~Hanna Smith


  1. Also remember the Ozark Farmer's Market on the square will be beginning soon and there will be many vegetable plants available! It will held every Thursday evening.


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