About Us

Sheri Smith is a home school mother of six.  She has been married for over 21 years to her wonderful husband, Shae. 

Sheri grew up in Northern Wisconsin.  After graduating, she went in the United States Navy.  It is there that she met her husband and got married.  After having her first child, Cody, Sheri realized that her true calling was to be a wife and mother.  She was honorably discharged from the Navy and even received an award after getting out of the military for a mission she had been a part of.

Shae stayed in the Navy and served in the military a total of eight years.  After his honorable discharge, the Smiths moved to Wisconsin and then Missouri, where Shae's medical condition, Trigeminal Neuralgia, got much more severe.  The following years were spent trying to get him well and pain free.

In 2004, Sheri gave birth to their fourth child, Gabriel.  One month later, Shae had his fifth surgery, brain surgery, that finally healed his pain.  His health improved considerably about eight months later.

During this time, Sheri homeschooled her oldest children, Cody and Hanna, and tended to her two younger ones. 

Her devotion to her husband and children have been tried and tested for many years as she took care of her husband and children, by herself much of the time.  Shae was an amazing husband and father, though, even when the pain was so severe that he couldn't eat, talk, or smile.

As time passed, Shae and Sheri felt like so much of their time was spent on things instead each other, their children, and others.  That is when Shae came up with the idea to get rid of as much as possible and head out on the road.  Sheri jumped on board her husband's vision and began the grueling task of sorting, giving, and packing.  Their house sold in Sept 2008 and they began their journey around the country.

Just before their house sold, Sheri had the feeling she was pregnant.  They knew God had called them to do this trip, so they went ahead and sold the house and thankfully had a beautiful baby boy, Tytus Shae, 9 month later.  He made it an even half dozen!

The trip has been an amazing experience for them.  They do a lot of volunteer work and missions work across the country.  They get to visit family and friends; some they have never met before. 

Her love is for people, and so she uses this blog, her newspaper articles, and direct communication to share her experiences and knowledge with other mom's and people interested in the home school lifestyle.