Article Written by my 15 yr old daughter on Home School

Dear Home School Student,

Hey there! How are you faring this new school year? Did you have to cram to finish for last year? Are you a bit behind? Maybe, like me, you’re a bit ahead. Maybe you’re stressed out some about it, like me. I’m a freshman. My first year of high school has plugged along slowly. I started 9th grade early. It’s going ok. I like the requirements I have to make to graduate. Literature has come easy for me. Algebra is fine, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, so don’t be scared of it. I like the new curriculums Mom got. I guess in short, this school year has started off good and I hope it will stay this way for the rest of the year. You see, school doesn’t have to be dreaded. If you make the most of it and keep your mind on the goal you may find that it’s not as bad as you think. What is your goal? You want to make it in life, right? I know I want to succeed. That is why I do my work. What you are doing now is the building blocks for the rest of your life. I know it can get long and dreary, but we’re stronger than that, right? Have you ever wondered why people sometimes think less of kids and teens? It’s because we give up too easily sometimes. We don’t do hard things. I want to encourage you, as a peer, to do your best in school and in everything else you set your mind to, because you can do great things if you try. If you want to do well in life later, do well in life now. Count your blessings rather than your burdens and maybe someday you’ll count your schoolwork as one of your blessings. Ugh, school work, why’s it called that? I mean, some of it is work. But it just sounds kind of degrading. It doesn’t all have to be work. Here’s an idea, stick in your favorite CD while you do your school. Just be sure you don’t get distracted listening to it! Put in something fun, bouncy and fast that makes you smile and lifts your spirit! When you do get stressed out, because we all do, set the pencil down and do something to unwind. I find playing my guitar or flopping on my bed and turning up the music as if to drown out the stress ringing in my ears makes me feel better. Remind yourself, doing school is for YOU. In the times when you’re down just picture yourself doing what you want to do most. Everything requires some amount of schooling. I want to teach music. This will require things such as math and grammar. So, don’t get discouraged. Make up your mind to do even what you don’t like. Don’t quit, you are better than that. You can do hard things. Who knows, you might even enjoy your school!

Bye for now!