Science Centers are a Great Supplement

Printed July 2010

A home school hidden treasure; that is what I call the Discovery Center in Springfield. We have been going to this amazing Science Center for over eight years. It has been as invaluable supplement to my children’s education.

As some of you may know, we travel full time around the United States. During our trip, we try to go to as many Science centers as possible. I must say though, the one right here in the Ozarks is our favorite.

We went there just a couple of weeks ago. We were not disappointed. The Discovery Center has added a whole new wing with some incredible interactive displays. My six yr old, Gabriel, loved going on the human sized gerbil wheel. He ran on it, turning the wheel. That action caused a huge weight to rise to the ceiling. The wheel has signs around explaining the scientific principles behind it, which has to do with potential energy.

We then headed up to the fourth floor where I got to visit with Charlotte, an employee that we have known for years. She has been coming to the home school convention in Springfield for many years. She told me they have numerous summer classes that home school families can sign up for. Classes also are available all year.

As with all home school teachers, we are not always proficient in every subject. My mother in law is a public school teacher and she shared with me that her and her colleges also aren’t an expert in all subject areas. That is where places like the Discovery Center come in. They have instructors and displays set up that do an extremely thorough job explaining some very difficult concepts.

It saves me a lot of money to go there for studies. Science supplies don’t run on the cheap side. By utilizing the Discovery Center’s facilities, I don’t have to buy beakers, solutions, microscopes, or numerous other items.

My entire family goes and enjoys the displays. From my one year old to my husband, we all have a great time and walk away much smarter! There are specific areas for different age groups and other areas for all ages. My younger children enjoy the pretend town upstairs where they can go to an atm and get money. Then they bring it to the grocery store, shop, pay for groceries, and then put them all back. There is a puppet theatre, doctor’s office, newspaper office, and more. There are numerous sections on electricity, motion, anatomy, biology, and every other “ology”.

We usually buy a season family pass. It doesn’t break the bank and is well worth it. One year we even signed up to be volunteers. My older children got to help teach certain displays.

I encourage everyone to go and enjoy the amazing educational treasure, in our own back yard. 438 East St. Louis St., Springfield, MO 65806, 417-862-9910

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  1. Hi Sheri,

    Thank you so much for your time and effort with your posts and your children's post. We are local Christian County homeschoolers and have thoroughly enjoyed finding your blog! Even my dear husband enjoys reading the details of the process you went through and so much else. We haven't been to the Discovery Center yet, but I believe we will simply have to make it a matter of priority after reading your post. Thank you :o)

  2. I am so thankful you found our blogs. I have been working on our website and blogs for over two years now and hope to get a book finished soon.
    We have enjoyed the Discovery Center for years. It is so fun for the whole family. Even my husband loves it there. Hope to here from you again soon. Sheri


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