Road Schooling

What is the world is Road Schooling?  Some of you might know the answer, if you do it.  Homeschooling is bring back education to the responsibility of the parent, not others.  Road schooling is homeschooling on the road.

Traveling full time around the country brings opportunities that only come because of that lifestyle.  We don't just read about the Civil War, we actually walk the trenches where the soldiers fought; we read the actual original documents of soldiers, Generals, and the government that are found in numerous museums across the country. 

Science requirements are fulfilled by climbing volcanoes, watching animals in the wild, taking samples of bacteria in lakes, rivers, and ponds. 

Geography is climbed and dug.

Reading is done by buying books that are about the area we are in and at the different reading levels of my children.

Essays and stories are written about where we are at.

Math textbooks are bought and completed but also we try to do practical life skills math to prepare our children for life.

Using our lifestyle as the ultimate teaching tool.

Our children's education is amazing.  From the oldest to the youngest, they have learned so much over the past two years.


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