What Laws do I Follow While Traveling Full Time?

When we decided to sell our home and travel full time, I really researched this topic. I even talked with a lawyer. There are horror stories out there of homeschool families falling victim to people putting their nose where it doesn't belong. In Springfield, MO a family had their kids taken away for two weeks because a neighbor thought they were outside too much during the day, so she hot lined them. When the officials came to the house, the home school family just happened to be sorting their winter clothes and the house was a mess. They took the kids on the spot, but later gave them back. I do not mean to scare anyone. Yet, for me, this knowledge helps protect my family, and there by removing all fear. So I took this knowledge and concern and did my research.

We are residents of Missouri. As we travel full time, we follow the home school laws of that state. Yet, if we are in another state for a lengthy amount of time, that state may have a law that says if you live there for so many months you are considered a resident and must pay taxes. If that happens, that would put me under their homeschool laws while I am there. Fortunately, we have not had that problem, and have only payed Missouri tax. You would have to research what states do this, I believe Ohio is one of them.

I was cautioned about California. My research showed that officials in that state have been known to apply their homeschool laws to outsiders visiting for an extended amount of time.

Now, you may ask where I got this information. Sorry to say I did not document the websites I visited. I did this research 2 and 3 yrs ago.

I do recommend HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Association. I know another poster didn't, but, thank goodness we can all have different oppinions:) I have been a member for years now. It gives me an assurance that if a govt official contacted me or began to question me, I would have a knowledgeble lawyer there to represent me from the start. There website is wonderful. I reference their links for each states homeschool laws.

We have begun looking for a small piece of property. My first consideration is home school laws. This website (www.hslda.org) gives a nice description of each states laws. States that are not very supportive of homeschooling are off my list immediately. We are looking at Texas and Oklahoma at this point.

I write home school articles for newspapers, for three years now. I have turned it into a blog and am trying to write road school articles also. You can check it out at www.smittysinfohomeschool.blogspot.com and our website at www.smittysinfo.com, www.smittysinfo.blogspot.com

Do your research, it is not worth risking a major problem.

Sheri Lyn Smith