Getting back into a routine before school starts

July usually brings a start to our daily school schedule.  We slowly work into a full course load by September.

This is what our morning looks like:
  • Bible study
  • Prayer
  • Devotions
  • Get dressed
  • Make and eat breakfast
  • Chores
  • Journal writing or draw pictures
  • PE twice a week
  • Write a letter to a loved one once a week
A couple weeks later we may add:

  • Read for 30 minutes  (most my children read more than this every day on their own)
Add other small subjects as time and attention allows.  But, remember, sometimes we all need a break and summer is a wonderful time for that.  If you don't work back into a full schedule slowly like I explained above, that is OK.  Just jump in with both feet in September, it will be fine.