Back to School Again!!!!!

First day back to school.  It went well.  The first week always is a little rough. 

I decided to order the students book that goes with Shurley Grammar.  It will save us a lot of time with copying sentences and such.

I also had to order the next Apologia Elementary School Botany course.  I got the Notebooking Journal that goes with it.  It adds a lot of great content to the curriculum.

My older two are doing Apologia Biology this year so I had to put some money into the microscope.  It sure was tough spending that money but I know it is necessary.  I hope we can find lots of fun uses for the microscope; leaves, skin, water, minerals, blood, animal hair, etc.

My 7 year old sure did great today.  I am very proud of him.  He is ready to learn and actually wanted to do more school that I had planned.  Maybe that zeal will hang on for the duration.

We made schedules that we will attempt to keep but still allowing some flexibility for life skills and unexpected educational opportunity.

We are going to have our outside time in the morning tomorrow because of the monsoons here in Colorado.  I plan on climbing the bluff with the kids and hiking the volcanic lava beds. We will study geology hands on, such a great way to learn.  Then, when we are hot and tired, we'll come back and eat lunch and do our seat work until later in the evening.  With the faithful afternoon rains, we like to be able to adjust our schedule to it.

I sure enjoy homeschooling!