SHEM Basics and Beyond Class I am Teaching

I want to personally invite all of you to a class I will be teaching for SHEM called Basics and Beyond. This month's class is on getting out of the home and learning from our surroundings which includes the yard, neighborhood, community, and state. I hope to encourage you to take what you have learned in books and live it, smell it, touch it, and do it.

My family and I have been traveling full-time for over three years. We had lived in the Highlandville, MO area for over 12 years when we decided to head out on the open road. We have six children who have all been home schooled. Through our travels we have enjoyed learning by doing. We climb mountains, hike through deserts and forests. You will find us on kayaks, four wheelers, and mountain bikes. Walking where George Washington walked, climbing the hills that the Civil War soldiers died for, finding Indian homes in the middle of National Forests are just a few of the ways we have learned. I hope to share some practical ways that you can do the same, right here, in Southern Missouri.

I will be giving away numerous prizes to those who attend. Some are:

$10 in SHEM bucks

A free one year subscription to the Independent Scholar

A free one year subscription to the Christian County Headliner News, whom I have written for for almost five years.

A free one year membership to FHE

A book donated by World Missions Alliance out of Kimberling City, MO

A beautiful, hand made bread knife by Smith Knives

As well as other small items.

Hope to see you there!

Jan 24th, Tues, The Library Center, 6:30 to 8:30 pm


  1. I so wish I was close by so I could be there. I hope it goes well,Good Luck!

    Keri - A Roadschooling mom of 2 lil explorers


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